Lawn Aeration Packages 

Sprinkler Blowout & Winterizing Packages​​
Please Note: Due to this being our busiest time of year, there are absolutely "No Refunds" of any kind after any lawn aeration package or sprinkler blowout and winterizing package is purchased. Please consider this prior to ordering your services. Thank you for understaolutelynding! 
​​"Basic" Lawn Aeration Package
- Extensive Double Lawn Aeration Process ​​
- Fall Winterizing Fertilizer (Commercial Grade)
- Soil Conditioning Treatment (Loosens the soil)
Our "Basic" lawn aeration package provides the minimum maintenance necessary to winterize the turf and feed the root system.

This package includes our "double" lawn aeration which extensively opens up the turf, our commercial-grade winter fertilizer to feed the root system, and our soil conditioning treatment which loosens the hard compacted soil.
"Combination" Lawn & Sprinkler Package
- Extensive Double Lawn Aeration Process
- Pro-Feed Winter Fertilizer (Works 6-7 months)
- Fall "Weed & Feed" Fertilizer ​​(Commercial Grade)
- Soil Conditioning Treatment (Loosens the soil) 
- Sprinkler Blowout and Winterizing Package
​Our "Combination" lawn aeration package is our most desired package. This package includes our Pro-Feed commercial-grade winter fertilizer. This top-of-the-line fertilizer is designed to feed the turf (6-7 months) until the following spring. 99% of winter fertilizers only feed for 30-45 days, causing lawns to struggle throughout the cold and dry months.  

Also included is our winter weed & feed fertilizer which destroys existing weeds and helps to stop weeds from growing the following spring.

To complete our combination package, we include our sprinkler blowout and winterizing package to ensure your sprinklers are safe and completely protected. 
"Supreme" Lawn Aeration Package
- Extensive Double Lawn Aeration Process
- Fall Winterizing Fertilizer
(Commercial Grade)
- Soil Conditioning Treatment (Loosens the soil)
- Professional Strength Water Crystals 

Our "Supreme" lawn aeration package includes our professional strength water crystals.
Professional strength water crystals soak up melting snow like a sponge, then release this water back to the soil. This process repeats itself over and over throughout the winter, replacing the time and energy of having to hand-water your lawn. 

  Professional strength water crystals are non-toxic, Eco-friendly, safe for children and pets, and will green-up your lawn much quicker the following spring!
"Ultimate" Lawn Aeration Package​​
- Extensive Double Lawn Aeration Process
- Fall Weed & Feed Fertilizer ​​(Commercial Grade)
- Soil Conditioning Treatment (Loosens the soil)
- Professional Strength Water Crystals

- Pro-Feed Winter Fertilizer (Works 6-7 months)
Our "Ultimate" lawn aeration package includes everything our supreme lawn aeration package offers with the addition of our Pro-Feed commercial grade 6-7 month winter fertilizer and our commercial-grade fall weed & feed fertilizer. Our ultimate lawn aeration package is designed for homeowners who want the satisfaction of knowing that their lawn has been winterized with all of the best soil amendments available.
Sprinkler Blowout & Winterization Package
Our "10 point" sprinkler blowout and winterizing packages are performed by licensed plumbers who have 20 plus years of hands-on experience. Blowing out, as well as winterizing a sprinkler system properly, are the best preventative measures to help avoid freeze damage. 

In addition to blowing out the water trapped inside the sprinkler lines, our step-by-step winterizing process will protect the entire sprinkler system to ensure that unnecessary freeze damage and repair bills are avoided.
 Please visit our "Sprinkler Blowout" page to see our step-by-step, complete sprinkler blowout and winterizing package!
The top 3 causes of unnecessary freeze damage requiring sprinkler repair are...
1)Turning the sprinkler system on in March or April and the temperature freezes after being pressurized.
(Sprinkler startup rule-of-thumb is Mother's Day)

2) Not blowing out and winterizing the sprinkler system, or performing the winterizing process incorrectly.

3) Hiring inexperienced and/or non-licensed sprinkler service companies.
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