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Lawn Aeration & Sprinkler Startup

Thin compacted lawn before lawn aeration and thick and healthy lawn after lawn aeration allowing the roots to feed and the needed space to grow

​Lawn Aeration, Sprinkler Startup, and Sprinkler Repair Experts Since 1995!

Gary's Lawn Solutions has been an industry leader in Jackson Creek and surrounding areas for over 20 years. We appreciate the opportunity to help every client with their lawn aeration, sprinkler startup, sprinkler repair, and sprinkler blowout needs. We believe the best approach to build a great "client-business" relationship is exceptional customer service and top quality workmanship, 

Our lawn care services in Jackson Creek include extensive lawn aeration packages, heavy overseeding, professional strength water crystals, top-notch fertilizers, soil conditioning treatments, and weed & feed applications. All of our lawn products are top-of-the-line, commercial-grade, and designed to keep your lawn healthy, easy to manage, and looking great!

Our sprinkler services in Jackson Creek include sprinkler startup packages, all phases of sprinkler repair, and sprinkler blowouts and winterizing packages. All of our sprinkler work is performed by licensed professionals with 20 plus years of hands-on experience.

What is Spring Lawn Aeration in Jackson Creek?

Spring lawn aeration is a process that mechanically opens the turf. Lawn aeration machines penetrate the soil and provide the space needed for roots to grow. When roots are compacted and do not have enough space to grow, the lawn will stop growing. Spring lawn aeration is the best-known practice to keep your lawn green, healthy, and problem-free.

Why is Spring Lawn Aeration in Jackson Creek Important for your lawn?

The soil in Jackson Creek consists of clay, sand, or a combination of both. Clay and sand are approximately 2-3 inches beneath the surface of the lawn. Roots cannot grow through clay or sand and will become entangled and compacted. Once the roots run out of room to grow, the lawn will begin to thin out and eventually perish. 

Throughout the cold and dry winter months, your lawn is in its dormant stage. Roots have been deprived of water and nutrients. Spring lawn aeration will allow water, fertilizer, oxygen, and all other important nutrients to soak into the soil and stimulate new root growth. Most importantly, roots will have the needed room to grow for the lawn to flourish. Spring lawn aeration performed correctly, will keep your lawn green and healthy, year after year.

Why Choose Gary's Lawn Solutions to Perform Your Lawn Aeration in Jackson Creek?

Our extensive "Double" lawn aeration packages include overlapping your lawn a minimum of 2-3 times. This allows extra fertilizer, extra water, and all other important nutrients will soak in and feed your lawn properly.

If your lawn needs extra attention in thinning areas or dead patches, we will attend to these areas as much as necessary. Our goals are to improve the health and quality of your lawn. We don't charge any additional fees to complete the job right!

Why are Our Fertilizers Much Better for Your Lawn?

All our fertilizers are commercial grade products commonly applied to community parks, public schools, commercial properties, and golf courses. Our fertilizers are manufactured and blended here in Colorado to perfectly balance the Ph in the soil. Applying the correct and proper amount of top quality fertilizers will keep your lawn green, lush, and healthy.

Why is Our Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Better for Your Lawn?

Kentucky Bluegrass is the #1 grass of choice throughout Jackson Creek.

Many homeowners believe that all brands of Kentucky Bluegrass look and grow the same. There are actually over 200 different varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass and when it comes to overseeding,
you get what you pay for!

Our Kentucky Bluegrass seed is a commercial grade, top-of-the-line blend, commonly applied to parks, commercial properties, and golf courses. Our seed type is durable, drought-tolerant, easy to maintain and designed to last. Our Kentucky Bluegrass seed type will keep your lawn looking great!

Why Choose Gary's Lawn Solutions to Perform Your Sprinkler Startup in Jackson Creek?

Gary's Lawn Solutions has provided sprinkler startup services in Jackson Creek and surrounding areas since 1995'. Whether you need a sprinkler startup, sprinkler repair, or just some great sprinkler advice, we are the experts you can count on!

Our sprinkler startup service is performed by licensed plumbers with 20 plus years of hands-on experience. Our sprinkler startup process protects the system from unnecessary damage during the activation.

Starting up your sprinkler system properly is usually the difference between a smooth-running sprinkler system and expensive repair bills.
 Visit our "Sprinkler Startup Page" to see our step-by-step, sprinkler startup package

Why Choose Gary's Lawn Solutions for Sprinkler Repair in Jackson Creek?

Our licensed plumbers have 20 plus years of technical knowledge resolving every type of sprinkler repair issue. We only use state-of-the-art, commercial-grade parts and our workmanship is top-notch!

We stand behind our work and warranty all parts and labor. We explain what measures to take to prevent any unnecessary sprinkler repair.

The top 3 causes of unnecessary freeze damage requiring sprinkler repair are...

​​​1) Turning the sprinkler system on in March or April and the temperature freezes after being pressurized.
Sprinkler startup rule-of-thumb is Mother's Day!

2) Not blowing out and winterizing the sprinkler system or performing the process incorrectly.

3) Hiring inexperienced sprinkler repair companies.

Jackson Creek and surrounding areas - Lawn Aeration, Sprinkler Startup, and Sprinkler Repair Experts Since 1995!