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"10 Point" Sprinkler Blowout & Sprinkler Winterizing Package 

1) Turn off and depressurize sprinkler water supply

2)  Inspect manifold, valves, and solenoids, prior to applying air pressure

3) Check tap-out lines (copper & PVC ) for stress cracks and leaks

4) Professionally blow out water from sprinkler lines & all drip lines

5) Adjust all electrical & mechanical components

6) Adjust backflow valves and all other airflow devices

7) Adjust manifold valves, bleeder valves, and solenoids

8) Open and adjust additional drains on manifold 

9) Deactivate irrigation control panel correctly

10) Open interior drain valves to prevent basement flooding

Special: Free backflow insulation wrap  to prevent freeze damage ($65.00 Value)

We want you to "KNOW" your sprinklers are protected

Colorado Springs, CO. - Aurora, CO. - Centennial, CO. - Denver metro

Sprinkler Blowout & Sprinkler Winterizing Experts Since 1995!
Colorado Springs, CO. - Aurora, CO. - Centennial, CO.- Denver metro

Sprinkler Blowout & Sprinkler Winterizing 

Gary's Lawn Solutions have been sprinkler blowout & sprinkler winterizing experts in Colorado Springs CO, Denver CO, Aurora CO, 
and surrounding areas since 1995. We are very grateful for the wonderful opportunities which have been provided to us. 

Blowing out and winterizing your sprinkler system properly involves more than attaching a compressor and blowing out the water. 
In addition to eliminating the water trapped inside your sprinkler system, we adjust every valve on the backflow device, adjust the manifold valves 
to stop them from freezing up, open all of the necessary drains to relieve pressure, and insulate the system to help prevent unnecessary freeze 
damage. These are the correct preventative measures to help stop freeze damage and keep your sprinklers properly protected.

Our "10 Point" sprinkler blowout and sprinkler winterizing packages in Colorado Springs CO, Aurora CO, Centennial CO, and surrounding areas 
are performed by (licensed plumbers & certified technicians) who are experts in outdoor sprinkler systems. 

Repairing or replacing broken manifold valves, backflow valves, copper pipes, as well as many other components usually 
cost hundreds of dollars to repair. This is in addition to any landscape damage and possible basement flooding. 

After we've concluded your sprinkler blowout and winterize your sprinkler system, you'll know 
every preventative measure was properly performed!

Sprinkler Blowout & Sprinkler Winterizing Experts for over 20 years!

1995 - 2018  Gary's Lawn Solutions ®    
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