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Lawn Overseeding - Colorado Springs

We are Your Lawn Overseeding Experts Since 1995!!

Gary's Lawn Solutions have been lawn overseeding experts in Colorado Springs for over 20 years. 
We are a locally owned small business and we're very grateful and fortunate for the wonderful 
opportunities Colorado Springs has provided to us!​

The soil in Colorado Springs consist of either clay, sand, or a combination of both. These soil types 
restrict roots from growing more than 2"-3" deep. Professional lawn aeration every spring and every fall as well as overseeding 
every spring is the best practice to keep your lawn looking great. 

Most lawns in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas are a locally grown Kentucky bluegrass. 
This grass type starts out lush and thick but begins to thin out after 2-3 seasons. Professional lawn overseeding is the 
best method to fill in dead patches and thinning areas. 

Our lawn overseeding package includes a top-of-the-line professional grade (perennial) Kentucky bluegrass / Rye-grass blend, 
which fills in the dead patches and thinning areas. Our professional grade seed type is extremely drought tolerant 
and thrives with a lesser amount of water. We always apply extra seed to make sure every lawn reaches its maximum potential. 

Our most utilized lawn aeration package​ includes extensive lawn aeration, professional strength spring fertilizer, 
a professional soil conditioning treatment, a heavy lawn overseeding application, and professional strength water crystals to 
help germinate and maximize new root growth.

Lawn Overseeding Colorado Springs Since 1995!

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