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Lawn Fertilizing in Colorado Springs CO.

We are Your Lawn Fertilizing Experts!

Gary's Lawn Solutions have been lawn fertilizing experts in Colorado Springs for over 20 years. 
We are a locally owned small business and we're grateful and fortunate for the wonderful opportunities 
to serve our community!​

Proper lawn fertilizing in Colorado Springs is a key factor to maintaining a healthy and vigorous lawn. 
The Soil in Colorado Springs is either sand, clay, or a combination of both. These types of soils 
restrict the roots from growing more than 2"-3" deep. Applying the correct professional strength fertilizer 
will strengthen roots, improve root growth, and help maintain a proper Ph balance. 
Our Spring, Fall, and Seasonal fertilizers, are commercial grade and manufactured here 
in our beautiful state of Colorado.

Our lawn care services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas include extensive lawn aeration, 
heavy over seeding treatments (commercial grade), professional strength water crystals, 
professional strength lawn fertilizing applications, professional strength soil conditioning treatments, 
and professional strength weed and feed applications. 

Colorado Springs Lawn Fertilizing Experts!

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