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Please note: If you're new to Colorado or a first time homeowner, it's very important to understand that most sprinkler systems cost 
$7,000.00 - $12,000.00 to design and install. Blowing out and winterizing your sprinkler system correctly by a licensed plumber 
is highly recommended to avoid freeze damage and costly repairs! It is equally important to professionally aerate and winterize 
your lawn using the correct fertilizers and other soil amendments to keep it green and healthy the following spring. 

Most of our ​clients pre-pay and order fall services during the spring or summer months to guarantee their fall service dates. This is highly 
recommended as our schedule fills up extremely fast for our fall services. Both services are performed during the ideal month of October before 
the temperatures drop. We always perform each service with the highest degree of workmanship to ensure each client is guaranteed the 
satisfaction of knowing their lawn and sprinklers will be 100% protected during the cold and dry winter months!

Fall Lawn Aeration Packages
Sprinkler Blowout & Winterizing Package
Sprinkler Blowout / Winterize
Basic Package / Pro-Feed Winterizer / Sprinkler Package
Pro-Feed (6 month) 
Commercial Grade 
Winter Fertilizer 
Supreme Package & Sprinkler Package
Ultimate Package & Sprinkler Package
Fall Basic Package
Fall Supreme Package
Fall Ultimate Package
What are the Benefits of Fall Lawn Aeration

Throughout the spring and summer seasons, roots have grown to their fullest potential and have run out of space 
to grow. Tightly compacted roots will not allow any important nutrients to soak into the soil.  Fall lawn aeration 
performed properly, will extensively open up the turf allowing nutrients to reach the root zone 
and  provide nutrients to the root system. 

Fall lawn aeration is also the best preventative measure to relieve snow-pack which suffocates 
and destroys the lawn over the winter. This is also known as ("Winter Kill") 

Our Fall lawn aeration packages include overlapping the lawn at least 2-3 times, especially in areas that are 
thinning or showing signs of stress.  We never charge an additional fee for completing the job right the fist time!


"Basic" Fall Lawn Aeration Package

- Extensive Double Lawn Aeration Process
- Professional Strength Fall Fertilizer
- Soil Conditioning Treatment

Our basic lawn aeration package provides the minimum maintenance needed to start the 
winterizing process. This package includes an extensive lawn aeration which opens up the turf, 
professional strength winter fertilizer which feeds the root system, and a professional strength 
soil conditioning treatment which softens and loosens the soil. 

"Supreme" Fall Lawn Aeration Package

- Extensive Double Lawn Aeration Process
- Professional Strength Fall Fertilizer
- Soil Conditioning Treatment
- Professional Strength Water Crystals

Our supreme lawn aeration package is the next step up from our basic lawn aeration package. 
This package includes everything our basic lawn aeration package offers with the addition of our 
professional strength water crystals. 

Water crystals absorb and store melting snow like a sponge and slowly release this water back to 
the soil on warmer days. This process continues over and over acting as an automatic watering 
system throughout the winter months. Water crystals keep the soil moist and healthy allowing the 
lawn to green up much quicker the following Spring. Our water crystals are Eco-friendly, 
Bio-degradable, and safe for children and pets. 

"Ultimate" Fall Lawn Aeration Package

- Extensive Double Lawn Aeration Process
- Professional Strength Fall Fertilizer
- Soil Conditioning Treatment
- Professional Strength Water Crystals
- Pro-Feed Professional Strength Winter Fertilizer (Works 6 full months!)

Our ultimate lawn aeration package is our most preferred package. This package 
includes everything our supreme lawn aeration package offers with the addition of our 
Pro-Feed commercial grade winter fertilizer. ( See below)

"Pro-Feed" Commercial Grade Winter Fertilizer

Pro-Feed Winter Fertilizer is a state-of-the-art fertilizer and feeds the lawn throughout the 
entire (6 full months) of fall and winter. (Pro-Feed fertilizer is commercial grade)

Most other fertilizers are not professional strength and only work for 30-45 days. 

Professional Strength "Weed & Feed" Winter Fertilizer

Our weed & feed winter fertilizer, destroys existing weeds and doubles as a great winter fertilizer. 
This fertilizer is professional strength and works excellent during the fall season.
Pro-Feed Winter Fertilizer (Feeds Lawns 5-6 Months)

​​Please visit our "Sprinkler Blowout & Winterizing" page for our 
step - by - step, detailed process, and discover how we go 
above and beyond all your expectations! Thanks!